Assessment Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class 2016

Preliminary assessment

GLA-Class Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer model in the Mercedes rejuvenating trend. This car was built as a high roaring version of Form A-Class SUV, along with the CLA-Class sedan.
Entering 2016, this model is almost no changes, remains the equipment and operating features, only the change in prices, particularly price has increased from 60-180 million, Tool as follows:
Mercedes-Benz GLA 200: 1519 million
250 4Matic Mercedes-Benz GLA: 1,749 million
Mercedes-AMG 4Matic GLA 45: 2,279 million
We can say this model is put a lot of expectations, since the launch in foreign markets and are expecting a lot of updates would be genuine Mercedes distributor in Vietnam. However the relatively high prices that many people have decided to withdraw and wait to buy larger cars GLC-Class debut.

This car has been feeling people brush design is quite nice, much more masculine version of the A-Class platform, tall chassis convenient multi-terrain travel. Design manufacturers also vary between 3 version, which is compatible shaped object, such as versions designed GLA 200 loan which, in line with female customers, while the second version of GLA and GLA of 45 250 4Matic has a youthful design, dynamic customer oriented sporty Popular
The interior of the three versions being evaluated crowded and cramped, especially for the second row passengers. However version GLA and GLA of 45 250 4Matic equipped with a panoramic sunroof panorama assist passengers more open space.
The two front seats of all three versions are leather, sports-style design hugs the back, electric 8 way and 3-position memory, heated seats with more features for both front seats.

Entertainment systems of the two versions GLA GLA 200 and 250 is the first CD with 5.8 inch TFT screen, broadcast receiver, Bluetooth connectivity.
On 45 4Matic version of GLA, with higher selling prices whereby entertainment system is somewhat superior caste system Harman Kardon Surround Sound Logic 7 12 speakers, 450 watts of power. Going along with this system is the communication control system COMAND Online multimedia with DVD player, 7-inch TFT screen, broadcast receiver, SD card reader, memory 10 GB music storage, Bluetooth connectivity , the Internet, and can control the LINGUATRONIC voice.
Climate control system on the kind of application area GLA 200. While two more advanced versions are multi-zone air conditioning system THERMOTRONIC.
Other amenities feature for all three versions, including: Package fitted luggage compartment convenience, functionality opens the door after the EASY-PACK electric, speed control function Cruise Control with SPEEDTRONIC allows adjustment the maximum speed of the speed limit area

The motive of all three versions differ greatly in terms of specifications lead to performance for all three versions are different:

– Version GLA 200 is supplied 1.6L I4 turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 156 hp at 5,300 rev / min and maximum torque of 250 nm from 1250-4000 rev / min, front-drive.
– 250 4 Matic GLA version equipped with 2.0L I4 turbocharged engine, producing 211 hp power at 5500 rev / min and maximum torque of 350Nm from 1200-4000 revolutions / minute, full 4WD time 4Matic
– GLA 45 4Matic version equipped with 2.0L I4 turbocharged engine, producing 360 hp power at 6000 rev / min and maximum torque of 450Nm from 2250-5000 rev / min, driven 4 4Matic full-time cake
Two low-end version is equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-DCT dual clutch, high-performance version of Own GLA 45 4Matic-equipped 7-speed automatic gearbox AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT sports, this model can help acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds, maximum speed electronically limited 250 km / h, the two remaining versions and 210 respectively 230 km /h

Safety systems fitted to all three versions are the same as:

– Anti-lock Braking System ABS
– System Emergency Brake Assist BAS
– Anti-slip ASR acceleration
– Electronic Stability ESP bodywork
– ESP Curve Dynamic Assist System helps avoid understeer when cornering at high speeds, support precise cornering and safer
– Adaptive Brake System with support functions and support to stop HOLD departure Hill-Start Assist slope horizontal
– Electronic parking brake with brake release function smart
– System tire pressure warning
– Front airbags, front side airbags, window airbags
– Version 45 4Matic GLA is equipped with AMG high-performance brakes
Overall, this is a very suitable model for dynamic young people, there are certain success in life, like to express themselves, or young families are also in line with GLA-Class in the purchase a multipurpose vehicle still meets the expressed needs and personality.

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