Assessment Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017

Generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017 German carmaker has just been introduced to customers in Vietnam in mid-May last 10/2016. Mercedes-Benz E-Class in 2017 inheriting the design lines of soft and flexible brother S-Class. Generation of new mid-size luxury sedan has undergone the process of developing the groundbreaking strides and the vicissitudes of the economy since 1953.

Step over a new page, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class fifth generation with the code name W213 will be a worthy descendant of his predecessor which has become a symbol of luxury excellence and Elites.

2017 Mercedes E-Class German car maker is being distributed with 2 versions in Vietnam market as follows:
Mercedes-Benz E200 2,099 billion price, the car is assembled in the country.
Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG priced 3.049 billion, cars imported from Germany.
2017 E-Class promises to continue to be a serious competitor with strong competitiveness in the segment of mid-size luxury sedan, alongside two fellow Audi A6 , BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar XF . DanhgiaXe models that are used to evaluate senior E300 AMG version with features fully equipped from the manufacturer.

Outdoor Furniture
Exterior Overview
The new design on the E-Class is no longer the rough contours on the body and lid square storage. In turn, the body now looks gracious and elegant than many. The tail is also shaping a slim and noble way than the system with newly designed taillights, contributing to a value that few cars in the segment can be as bright.
Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG2017 overall size Length x Width x Height x 2065 respectively 4923 x 1460 mm, together with a 2,939 mm wheelbase, the component version is a little different E200 while the overall height is 1468 mm. Compared to rival Audi A6, E-Class body shorter than 10mm, while the wheelbase to “slightly” more than 27 mm A6. When placed next to the BMW 5 Series standard, E-Class offers more overall length and 11mm shorter wheelbase 30mm.

Watching the car, modern features appeared clear with lighting design headlights completely different. Compared with previous generations, headlights now have a smaller size, feels neat and chic. Two state lighting strips notched hour day had been replaced with “eyelids” gentle tone momentum running lights clusters split into 2 sections before subtly. In addition, the police strip lights and grille will undertake the role of light always turns, accordingly, the lights will change color when the need to redirect.
Transistors LED is standard equipment on all of the positions of front and rear lights. However, E300 AMG 2017 were not designed with the multibeam system is a technology which is quite famous of the German carmaker. Instead, this system will be Mercedes-Benz Vietnam offered as an option for the W213 E-Class generation.
Putting gaze lower, carved to create a wide range impression, helping the top car that looks sporty and “fierce” than the standard version E200 lot. In addition, 2 wing spoiler complete with matte black makes the car much, “aerodynamic” than.
Located just a short cycle and set right in the heart of the car is the familiar logo 3 wing is attached to the 2 bar decorated with impressive size. Overall grille complete with matte silver color with shiny chrome luxury light. Key details have contributed to the overall improvement of the car, creating harmony between the powerful sportiness and elegance, aristocratic.

Vehicle body

Glancing along the vehicle body, a gentle, Mercedes-Benz created a well-polished tendon extends from the headlights soft, along the body, past the shiny chrome handles, to come up with tail lights neatly. From the edge of the glass, stretching down to the bottom edge of the door, the E-Class in 2017 inherited a round plump curves from S-Class seniors make up a deficiency seems rigid but flexible portion.

Most important point when viewed from horizontal bodywork is the wheels molded from aluminum alloy, dual 5-spoke design AMG features of the impressive size. Wheels are coupled with Goodyear Eagle F1 performance tires in size 245 / 40R19. Meanwhile, E200 version wheels rolling on 17-inch alloy design more courteous and gentlemanly.
No longer is a rectangular block the boring details, part of the E-Class taillight 2017 is shaping more soft and plump, bearing similarities with 2 cousins ​​S-Class and C-Class. The difference of the rear lights on the 2017 E-Class is a metallic strip lights, reflective vari-angle, reminiscent of the bars is not a sharpener gem. This unique feature is only in favor of the private interest on the new E-Class.
Low bottom, the duo sports exhaust layout is reasonable, metal tiles eye-catching chrome strip with 1 copper bonding materials, passing through the rear bumper. Synchronization details create a striking sporty but still ensure smooth balanced set.

Despite the name E300 AMG, but the tail is not attached 3 characters. Instead, the “substance” AMG is expressed through lines and equipment across the entire bodywork and interior and features.
Overview cabin
Step into the passenger compartment, AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 brings comfort to a space separated from the outside world. Good sound insulation, use of advanced materials, sleek overall design elegance equipped with advanced facilities are the most valuable points on the E-Class, especially the E300 AMG.
AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 on, front row seats to be another special design. Part manned positions at the waist, seat has a raised design out, pose embrace the back passengers, leaving the drivers will be very comfortable and sporty. In addition, finishing materials and seats are also careful scrutiny in order not to create any point other than on details.
The front seat of the E300 is equipped with the power steering function and the ability to memorize up to 3 types of settings, helping good support for the rider while saving time by sitting posture. In addition, the rear seat leg space is relatively good, but not really very much widely.

Backseat is large enough for three people to sit together, but ROR ANG will position among disadvantaged people slightly by wind cavity quickly a leg rest, cushions acres and a raised floor to the drivetrain “interrupted”. Roof space as well, creating a sense thaong clear and pleasant, good tilt seat back so that passengers not tired after the long journey.
Synchronization, seat E300 AMG is a pretty special details, beautiful, luxurious and sporty, especially the front seat.
table taplo
For E300 AMG, is a detailed table taplo interference between the modernity and elegance of luxury complete with pretty good quality. The upper section is covered with a skin of taplo with suture lines that carefully and accurately, and the integration with fake plastic part is also very harmonious and without losing the sophistication. 2 extends from the front door into the center of the array of tiles taplo table decorated with glossy surfaces. This information is processed with a special of the company so 3 cups pinstriped gray hidden along fancy. Currently, we have not determined that this is plastic or metal material. However, the improvement of other eye-catching details and feels similar to carbon fiber.
Close both doors, the Mercedes-Benz arranged two cooling outlet errors have bright silver metal rim, looks premium and beautiful. Two details are part of the cooling system range which also owns four wind stoma is placed neatly in the middle taplo table, only just below the large LCD monitor 31,2cm. This monitor is controlled entirely by the cluster nodes, drag the rotation and touch tables arranged immediately to the traditional position. This system works quite effective, easy to use and quick operation.


Premium leather-wrapped, three-spoke sports, touch joystick, trigger switch after Volant, chamfered lower part sporty and luxurious metal tiles are the most prominent features on the Volant’s luxury sedan present. Feeling when handling the Volant quite smooth and comfortable, especially 2 points “hump” at 10 am and 2pm brings solid and capable of driving stability.

Two key position sensor is used to control the display on the LCD screen, which is an upgrade from the basic analog Council on 2017 E200.

Clock display
With the change to multi-information LCD clock, with seamless design with center screen, E300 AMG delivers a better experience for the employer owns it. Thanks to technology day, location traditional speedometer is now capable of displaying map navigation, convenient design ho..kha contract. The control functions on the screen center will also be scaled and drive right on the screen, allowing the driver does not lose focus when the right side hit the eye looking through the middle taplo table.

Equipment comfort

Audiovisual systems
As a luxury car, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with the label carefully Burmester sound reputation system to bring high-end amenities and luxurious look to the new generation E-Class. The surface of the speaker is made of standing out on the doors with advanced aluminum, designed many small holes to be processed a sophisticated way. Premium 13-speaker system from Burmester sound recreates a clear and honest, energetic sound, just enough treble sound sweet and deep middle.

Air conditioning system
Mercedes-Benz equips “darling” of his multi-zone air conditioning system independently, with ability to work perfectly, accompanied by wind door design is very delicate and beautiful. 2 niches backseat efficient airflow and cooling capacity directly possible.
Cargo space
As a luxury car with ample space is a striking advantage, not too surprising that space no map of the E-Class are also spread throughout the body. Front and rear door are capable of satisfying any needs of everyday use, not the public. 2 compartments for glasses in between the front seats will support expensive to contain separatist forces coffee or drinks served during use.
Operating, driving feel and safety
The engine, gearbox and drivetrain
AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 is equipped with gasoline engines 4 cylinder aligned with the total capacity of 1,991 cc. This block supercharged engine produces 241 horsepower capacity at 5500 rev / min with maximum torque of 370Nm the engine speed range from 1300 to 4000 rev / min. Thanks to modern technology equipped, the motor on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a good ability to meet the Euro 6 emission standards, which are very strict. The entire energy generated will be transmitted to the rear wheels via 2 automatic transmission G-Tronic 9 grant fame.

According to the German automaker, E300 AMG fuel consumption of 6.3 liters over a distance of 6.6 to 100km combined urban and highway.

A special feature on the E300 AMG version that is 360 degrees camera system, which helps the driver with absolute visibility when driving the vehicle at any location. This body function easily activated in the control system are displayed on the LCD screen center.

Also, with a modern cars and luxury, the active safety functions will be fully equipped, including:

Anti-lock braking system ABS.
Anti-skid system ASR acceleration
Electronic stabilization system ESP
The system supports BA braking force.
Pre-Safe system by Mercedes-Benz is famous.
System 9 airbags are also integrated throughout the interior and layout: 2 airbags for front passengers, 1 airbag protected the driver feet, 4 airbags in the doors and two curtain airbags.

Overall Rating

Overall, AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 luxury sedan is a beautifully designed, and luxurious correction cycle. The degree of completeness of the fairly good E300 AMG, the details are carefully cared overall design while ensuring absolute harmony. Whether you are young people love the sport luxury or are middle-aged entrepreneur requires a species, often elegant amenities, indecent, the E-Class will meet those requirements.

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