BMW 7-Series Assessment 2016 – challenge Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2016 BMW 7-Series is considered the best luxury cars today. Besides designing youthful and athletic, this sedan is also integrated a lot of equipment and modern facilities. In the US, the car is priced from $ 81,300 to $ 94,400. According to some sources, this model may appear at the international automobile exhibition in Vietnam 2015 (VIMS 2015). Let’s explore the BMW 7-Series in 2016 through the review below.
BMW is the car company pioneer in manufacturing technology strength carbon fiber. 2016 BMW 7-Series and the first cars combine all three strength carbon fiber, steel and aluminum. Strength carbon fiber technology sharing from the sporty i8 will be applied to make the passenger compartment. Meanwhile, aluminum alloy used for the bonnet, doors and toughened steel is applied to the engine compartment. Thanks to this combination, the new 7-Series to nearly 136kg lighter than the previous generation, while, stiffness and aerodynamics are improved significantly.

2016 BMW 7-Series includes all four versions of the 730d, 740Le, 750Li xDrive and 750Li Individual. However, today, in America, this model only be distributed in the form of Long-740i and 750i Whellbase is. Overall vehicle length 5.248mm, a slight increase compared to the previous generation. Meanwhile, the width and height unchanged. BMW 7-Series 2016 said that models with the widest interior space that carriers ever built. Overall, the 7-Series design sixth generation much like the previous generation. Exterior characterizes the long hood and short overhangs details. The bold curve enhances new and sporty dynamism.
The front car looked “handsome” than with large cavities and multiple paths wind “sculpture” daring on the bonnet. Technology headlights and grille initiative had a breakthrough. Grille opened only when the engine and the brakes heated to a certain temperature, aerodynamic optimization. LED technology rear lights with new motifs.
Like the exterior, the interior 2016 BMW 7-Series is just an “upgrade” of the previous generation. In other words, the car’s interior is made of advanced materials manufacturing superior but old-style design. Vehicles equipped with instrument cluster has been redesigned for color change over driving modes Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport. Lever and buttons on the control panel is decorated with chrome and wood or aluminum options. Panoramic sunroof is standard equipment helps add an interesting trip.
More luxurious interior
This sedan is additional attractive option is the chair falling backwards and integrated tablet Samsung. In addition to entertainment, internet access, this tablet is also built-in adjustable seats, air conditioning system, interior lighting and positioning. Vehicles equipped with optional Bowers & Wilkins surround sound 10 channel amplifier Diamond includes 1,400 watts and 16 speakers.
Tablet PCs backseat

IDrive system is controlled by a touch screen upgrade, can expand, enlarge or shrink the icons. Voice controls and gesture control is also integrated to help the driver easily use the gadgets that are focused on driving. The control system uses gesture sensing hologram technology to identify the user’s hand gestures before the central panel and converted into commands.

BMW 750i xDrive 2016 is equipped with dual-turbocharged 4.4L V8 with a capacity of 445 kW and maximum torque of 651Nm. Meanwhile, the version 740i uses 3.0L I6 turbo engine with a capacity of 320 kW and maximum torque of 651Nm. German carmaker will release version 740i xDrive four-wheel drive in the near future. Both versions are integrated in the automatic transmission ZF 8 levels. This gearbox is connected to a satellite positioning system to automatically adjust the appropriate level with the road ahead.
twin-turbo V8 engine 4.4L

In addition, this sedan will be more hybrid engine version next year. This version uses coordination 2.0L turbocharged engine and electric motor. Li-ion battery pack is placed under the rear seat. Integrated vehicle driving mode button on the control panel eDrive center. With eDrive MAX mode, the car can run entirely on electricity at speeds 37km distance maximum 120 km / h.

2016 BMW 7-Series is equipped with an air suspension system, combined in the form of dual-arm front axle and 5-link rear axle. More suspension and brakes are made of aluminum to reduce vehicle weight. German carmaker promises self-adjusting suspension system helps this sedan has the ability to drive and handle better. The driver can increase height 20mm roared. In the driving mode Sport, Comfort and Comfort-plus, the car will automatically lower 10 mm when roaring down reaches a certain speed.

Integrated system xDrive BMW Integral Active Steering function allows switching between modes and manual rear-wheel drive for optimized traction. In addition, the chassis control system actively integrating Active Comfort Drive Road Preview functionality has also been added as an option. Road Preview able to “read” the information to locate and automatically adjusts the suspension
Gesture control
Although quite large, but this sedan showed impressive agility on the highway thanks to low center of gravity design, light weight, chassis systems and suspension upgrades. In addition, the adjustment function or left rear wheel in the same direction towards the front wheel helped become more flexible vehicles on urban roads. Drive and control system of the body works pretty perfect in every 7-Series dominated regime in 2016 could decline cornering and easy as a small car.

Automatic car drivers in the garage
With the M Sport package equipped, car accessories add more aerodynamic optimization. Light-alloy wheels in size 19 or 20-inch. Many new technologies such as parking assist warning objects across the road, front collision warning, pedestrian warning, blind spot warning, lane deviation warning …