Assessment Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2015

General introduction

Since the launch and the “war” in the segment of medium-sized luxury sedan, generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2015 has proved to be successful as well as its position before its traditional rival the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series . By skillful compromise between schools and sports luxury two fellow carmakers, Mercedes creating economies of the various versions, ready to conquer the many groups of different types of customers: young fish C200 properties, C250 luxury Exclusive elegant, powerful C250 AMG sport.
At the present time, the C-Class in 2015 in Vietnam was introduced to customers a total of three versions after the Mercedes C300 AMG upgrades included in the squad replacing C250 AMG, however, the C250 AMG few still appear in a few agents. And the price for “sub S-Class” in 2016 as follows:
Mercedes-Benz C200 2015: 1.439 billion
Exclusive Mercedes-Benz C250 2015: 1,629 billion
Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG 2015: 1.689 billion (currently suspended production)
Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG 2015: 1.799 billion

In the present situation, where Audi has not announced the exact information about the 2016 generation A4, BMW 320i or beside the BMW 3 Series 330i of 2013 is no longer so new, the C-Class 2015 surely will continue ” seize the opportunity “to speed in the race between the sedan from Europe.
Version danhgiaxe team have the opportunity to experience and evaluate the samples in the following article C250 Exclusive 2015. In the article we will integrate other information releases to the reader an overview imagine most of cars present.
Outdoor Furniture
Overview appearance
DNA inherited from his men as well as the S-Class design team meticulously cared, C-Class 2015 is his big move to bring success for Mercedes. Refines contours combined with features characteristic shaping makes three separate sedan and full of personality. You will easily recognize the three C200, C250 and C300 on the street, or even when traveling with the other brothers in the family car to Germany. Vietnam provides Mercedes customers 7 exterior paint options for the C200 or C250 each Exclusive version, and for the C300 AMG figure is 8.
Three versions of the C250 AMG currently share the same chassis with the overall size Length x Width x Height x 1,810 x 4,686 respectively 1,442 (mm), wheelbase reached 2.840 (mm), Mercedes has refined correction than the older generation C-Class 2015 while overall length is greater than 95 (mm), width greater than 40 (mm) and wheelbase increased by 80 (mm). Also, when the Audi A4 1.8 TFSI juxtaposed BMW 330i or the C-Class 2015 can be advantages in wheelbase, specifically two of Audi and BMW sedan with two axle distance 2,808 and 2,810 respectively (mm ).
The front is where the most important and easy to “identify” the version of the C-Class as the exterior of the remaining details are not so different.

First, C250 Exclusive brings elegance with three horizontal bar grille coated, chrome edging elegance and can close / open bar stationary or moving, followed by the three-pointed star logo is small leaving bodywork layout makes exudes luxury for C250.

Meanwhile, the C200 and C300 healthier thanks to the grille section two rungs to the rigid, stylized logo bigger Mercedes, located right in front and around the hem of the same color as the grille body.

Front bumper of the C-Class in 2015 became bolder than the predecessor generation, shake off the simple rectangular shapes and replaced with bold lines, sporty C200 or C250 both. However, if you look more closely, each version has had his own design bumpers, spoiler and shield nose completely different chassis.

Core characteristics make value for the C-Class is Full-LED lighting clusters equally modern and fashion, including headlamps, fog lights and daytime running lights are packed in the cavity RDLs lights sharp lozenge. The soft curves of successive strokes back skillful and full of fluid, creating an enchanting attraction. C200, the C250 except C300 AMG Exclusive and add features “smart”, allowing the eye hit the light steering angle when cornering to help the car driver better observations, particularly Adaptive High Beam Plus function automatically receive car area opposite or the same direction in front and narrow part strips help illuminate objects on the eyes from glare, while still ensuring headlight visibility, so that safer, this is extremely useful useful when traveling on highways or highway at night.
Vehicle body
Seen from the side, Mercedes brings a serene appearance, cleverly combined with dynamic youthful style. Compared to the previous generation, the design of the C-Class 2015 is a good help to regulate overall more concisely, two vertical claws veins full body healthy, but it does have the edge exquisite detail required by the brace and chrome edging on the glass doors and the bottom edge portion.
All the versions are equipped with Run-flat tires though there differences in the size and style wheels in each car. Along using alloy wheels in 17-inch, but if C200 is the dual 5-spoke format stylized C250 also bring multi-spoke design elegant, and only C300 AMG wheels rolling on 18-inch five-pointed star shape full of charisma.

The rest, the exterior similarities equipped with rearview mirror adjustment / electric folding with integrated turn indicator lamps, position memory comes for the driver and the door handles painted body color …
Most prominent in the back is not nothing but LED tail lights two floors lozenge shape hugging the body from side to side. Besides, successive curves appear from the door to the rear bumper feels plump and certainly for the tail. More luxurious spot for Mercedes C-Class is positioned above logo splint sized polished chrome.
All three versions have a rear spoiler strokes behind, went along with two dual exhaust styled powerful sports chrome coated. And C300 AMG version with its position as the “muscle” for its own parcels least one wing spoiler bottom chassis along two sides close niches thanxe wind direction, these details contribute to the aerodynamic coefficient when the car moving at high speed.
Overview cabin
If you need a word to describe the cabin of the Mercedes C-Class 2015, then perhaps it would be “flawless”, the German design team has cared for each detail interior as well as the use of premium materials to the older guests or even the youthful customers can be completely satisfied when served conscientiously and carefully. In addition, although only a mid-sized sedan, but thanks to the scientific layout to accompany the long list of equipment to the space inside the utmost comfort and convenience.
Seat and passenger space
Accompanying each version will be 03 color options for leather seats, and each seating position are all quiet and comfortable place to enjoy your journey on each move.

Design front seats with backrest sports format and accompanying cushions hugging power adjustment function for driver’s seat and the seat. However, when selecting C200 you only get 6 correction, C250 or C300 compared to the adjustment will be 10, 4 options increase / decrease a little cushion and three-position memory, an important feature with a car that many members of the driver’s family.
In the backseat, although the tiny arms are machined to fit with backrest but sitting position between the still uneasy, by wind cavity side and rear powertrain has stunned significant loss of space. Plus point is the place to bare legs and rear space is quite abundant when wheelbase 2.840 (mm) of the Mercedes C-Class was fully utilized, so two adults and a young passenger will fit more, especially when the safety padlock ISOFIX child seats are arranged very convenient to use.
Rear seats with tiny hands and side wind cavity.
table tablo
No exaggeration to say tablo table is a convergence full all essence of interior space, the gentleman in the high-quality materials in tune with modern style in full elegant lines.
All contact details inside “poetic cascade” that Mercedes created: center console leaner by simple buttons are respectively the maximum; wind holes reminiscent of images of powerful jet engines; multi-information display and cluster together to create functional interior accents. However, tiny hands are placed quite low due to the driver of tall stature perhaps a little tired of the long journey.
And for each edition C-Class luxury but the differential was used substance Mercedes tiles for each car model, the C200 will be the Longitudinal-grain aluminum youthful, followed by C250 Exclusive High-gloss wood use subtle light brown, and C300 AMG will come with Open-pore wood substance powerful black.
Besides, the share button start, electronic parking brake button controls and headlight clusters are arranged neatly behind the wheel to control the operation quite convenient and varied.
The steering wheel is more rare in sync across all three versions of the C-Class 2015 with a three-spoke design and are robust premium Nappa leather. It is also responsible for all functional groups of drivers with sporting gear lever located behind the steering wheel, two sports trigger switch, the audio control buttons, handsfree or installing operating system drivers Cruise Control process, and indispensable electric steering column adjustment 4 directions.
Clock display
Table clocks modern bold and youthful form two symmetrical tubes chrome edging screen 5.5-inch multi-information, parameters such as speed, rpm, the hand position, fuel level, coolant temperature, the temperature outside … allows tracking intuitive and clear. Mercedes C300 AMG also own “private plots” a speed display on the windshield (Head-up Display) for “steering” very passive.
Inevitably you will be impressed with the shape of the C-Class door frame at both the front and back, which gives the face feeling fresh and attractive reporter, besides helping layers thick doors and closing / opening make leg.
Inside, Mercedes delivers complete the necessary utilities like tiny hands, niches to map and German carmakers paneled leather material, increasing wood luxurious interior. Second row sunshades fitted on either side and especially at the rear door glass can be electric.
Door “5” in all three versions can open / lock remote control button smart key comes, it is next to a trunk release button layout next to the driver position. And if the C300 AMG owner, then certainly you would love to be “performing magic” thanks to Hands-free Access feature inherited from the S-Class, while both hands are busy holding fixtures, only the key leg pocket and swung open the trunk itself.
Equipment comfort
Audiovisual systems
Depending on the version that Mercedes offers customers the infotainment systems vary, but they all meet the criteria fully equipped and ready to serve up to the user. Especially all three are clusters touchpad controls – put the knob in the center of modern cockpit, not only makes driving safer, but also add to the excitement and interest to the user.
C200 and C250 Exclusive share entertainment system includes 7-inch TFT screen combined with 01 disc CD player, support music, connect Radio / Bluetooth / Internet, memory card reader, USB slot and associated systems navigation / GPS global positioning.
Besides the use of 13-speaker audio system Burmester 590 watts power for the C300 C250 AMG C-Class form is being upgraded by the more comprehensive communication system COMAND Online multimedia, including DVD players, 8.4-inch TFT screen, 10Gb of memory to store music (compatible MP3 / WMA / AAC) and control functions by voice.

Through practical experience with exlusive C250, modern speaker system shown good ability with bass-scholarships are clearly separated and bring true quality music. However, the bass is not really strong for those with interest to hear electronic music, dance, remix …

Air conditioning system
Automatic air conditioning system with two independent zones for wind cavity side rear seat is standard equipment for all versions of the Mercedes C-Class C300 2015. Particularly optional AMG is equipped with 3-zone automatic air conditioning independent of option 3 climates: diffusion, Medium and Focus. The niches in both front and rear wind carries and rounded buttons increase / decrease the wind makes it easy to navigate.
Air conditioning system of the C-Class 2015 is also equipped with optional Air-Balance system with air filter, ionized and functional interior fragrances smart. Under the fierce sun of noon, C250 Exclusive did not take too much time to dispel the heat inside the cabin.
Interior lights and sunroof
Luxurious interior certainly indispensable lighting effects, and Mercedes brings a power sunroof and adjust a variety of scattered light are arranged inside the cabin, from the front sunshades, doors, drawers to map or next to the door handles to support the car out into the twilight. Contour lighting system optional ambient interior space dominated 2015 C-Class more luxurious, cozy with the colors of white, orange or green.
Cargo space
The second row of the C-Class with 40:20:40 folding rate flexibility, allowing additional luggage compartment volume of the already widespread. Also, you’ll easily folded chairs in the cabin either or both are sitting behind thanks to two splendid location is available at the trunk. With this layout, it is convenient when you can get something in the trunk while moving on the long journey without stopping again.
The tray drawer and closet to glass manufacturers have been cleverly arranged in front throughout the tablo, pedestal hand cupped center, car door and both rear seat armrest, complete enough to meet the purpose use of passengers.
Operating, driving feel and safety
The engine, gearbox and drivetrain
The parameters of C200 and C250 performance Exclusive (including formerly C250 AMG) has adopted 04-cylinder engine capacity of 1,991 (cc), respectively as follows: under the hood of the C200 is the maximum capacity 184 hp at 5,500 rev / min, maximum torque of 300 nm at 1200-4000 rev / min; C250 Exclusive for 204 horsepower at 5,500 as cycles / min, maximum torque of 350Nm at 1200-4000 rpm / min. Meanwhile, the C300 AMG thanks to the addition of turbochargers that power has increased 245 horsepower and 370 Nm. All versions of the C-Class in 2015 and equipped with rear axle drive system, 7-speed automatic transmission 7G Tronic Plus and trigger switch on the steering wheel. The maximum speed of the C200 will be 235 km / h and the remaining two brothers figure capped at 250 km / h, while acceleration 0-100 km / h respectively for the three models is 7 3 – 6.6 to 5.9 seconds.

Driving experience

Behind the electric power steering with variable gear ratio according to the speed of the C250 Exclusive, danhgiaXe group has been the emotional roads, each driver can not blow more accurate though slowly rolling in the streets or soaring away from crowded highways.

Everything can be described briefly as follows: certainty, stability and accuracy. Pedals – brake acumen, and thanks to the gas pedal had severe than typically found on Japanese cars should feel more “real”. With tweaks as the top with large kinetic energy produced by the engine, the car is always ready to accompany those who love driving. In less than 120 km / h, the car quickly meet the speed at which the driver needs. When you need fast, just Sneaky station, the car accelerated immediately discretion and contrary to the brake, the vehicle deceleration equally as fast.

Shows how the sound quality of a luxury car, the interior space is quite quiet when moving slowly in urban or high-speed and high-speed highway outside. Echoes from the pavement, the sound of the wind, the sound of tires or sound from the engine being suppressed almost perfect, worthy of the position of Mercedes inherent.

Adaptive suspension system Agility Control in C250 works great, fast delivery extinguished on rough roads or going through speed humps sections. When cornering at high speeds, the function of the ESP system CDA support immediately to avoid the lack of help the driver to drive with confidence, rigid suspension, body compact and four wheels stick to the road surface .

If you choose C300 AMG, the softness will be even better with an air suspension system AirMatic, but this feature is assessed hardly ensure durability with general road conditions in Vietnam, and costs used to be a considerable problem.

Excellent suspension system as well as incorporate safety systems that help the driver confidence. High-speed test run through puddles after rain flooded the road slightly, electronic balance system works pretty well, help stabilize the vehicle, the driver does not need to intervene in the braking, in addition to releasing the accelerator pedal and keep wealth prism helps the car go in the direction needed.
Five options from ECO driving mode to Sport +, the driver can completely customize as “inspiration” while driving, when happy or sad depending on which mode accordingly. With sport mode and two trigger switch, you can manually or automatic gearbox to squeeze higher engine speed when shifting. And more economical mode, gear shifting and quieter, shifting at lower fringes.

Fuel consumption

Thanks equipped with features Eco Start / Stop supporting automatic on / off the engine when the car stops for the C-Class to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Mercedes sales figures were published in editions ranging from approximately 5.3 to 5.6 liters of C200 and C250 for up to 6.3 to 6.8 liters for 100 kilometers in the C300 AMG for mixed conditions box.

In addition, the Mercedes system also comes equipped with automatic parking assist for all three versions, perpendicular parking assistant or done is not done preoccupation. Particularly C300 AMG 360 additional camera system allows panoramic observation car around.


With the list of features, safety equipment “standard” after, Mercedes C-Class 2015 has achieved 5-star rating from Euro NCAP:
Anti-lock braking system ABS.
The system supports emergency braking force BAS.
The system ASR acceleration skid.
Vehicle stability system ESP electronic.
Crosswind Assist System: assist the driver when there are strong winds blowing across the body.
Adaptive brake system adapted to support stop (Hold) and horizontal supports steep departure (HAS).
Support systems for preventing collisions accompany automatic brake function.
06 sets of airbags.
03 point safety belts with automatic belt tensioners and force limits tightened.
Electronic parking brake with intelligent brake release function.
Overall Rating
Subjects suitable
If C200 can be considered a luxury sedan “Basic” is suitable for those with medium-range purse, love the brand value from Mercedes, the C250 Exclusive excel more in the same room comfortably furnished elegant way will be the selection of successful young people, need a luxury car for work and everyday life. And C300 will probably be strong enough doses for driving enthusiasts and speed as well as a “fan” of the department developed AMG sports car from Germany.

Grading and suggestions
Carry on his remarkable upgrades, generation C-Class 2015 is clearly a challenge “rapid” Mercedes spectacular than compatriot rivals Audi and BMW. With what has been shown, “the three musketeers” C-Class luxury car really gave inched closer to the majority of consumers Vietnam thanks to reasonable prices for flashy appearance, the existing features university as well as the safety for passengers.
After the experience with the Mercedes C-Class 2015, danhgiaXe unified group for this model is 4.1 / 5.
We always try to make an objective assessment as possible. However, the voice of the new consumer is the most accurate assessment, if you have been using Mercedes C-Class 2015, please share your comments with people offline 🙂

Assessment Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017

Generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017 German carmaker has just been introduced to customers in Vietnam in mid-May last 10/2016. Mercedes-Benz E-Class in 2017 inheriting the design lines of soft and flexible brother S-Class. Generation of new mid-size luxury sedan has undergone the process of developing the groundbreaking strides and the vicissitudes of the economy since 1953.

Step over a new page, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class fifth generation with the code name W213 will be a worthy descendant of his predecessor which has become a symbol of luxury excellence and Elites.

2017 Mercedes E-Class German car maker is being distributed with 2 versions in Vietnam market as follows:
Mercedes-Benz E200 2,099 billion price, the car is assembled in the country.
Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG priced 3.049 billion, cars imported from Germany.
2017 E-Class promises to continue to be a serious competitor with strong competitiveness in the segment of mid-size luxury sedan, alongside two fellow Audi A6 , BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar XF . DanhgiaXe models that are used to evaluate senior E300 AMG version with features fully equipped from the manufacturer.

Outdoor Furniture
Exterior Overview
The new design on the E-Class is no longer the rough contours on the body and lid square storage. In turn, the body now looks gracious and elegant than many. The tail is also shaping a slim and noble way than the system with newly designed taillights, contributing to a value that few cars in the segment can be as bright.
Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG2017 overall size Length x Width x Height x 2065 respectively 4923 x 1460 mm, together with a 2,939 mm wheelbase, the component version is a little different E200 while the overall height is 1468 mm. Compared to rival Audi A6, E-Class body shorter than 10mm, while the wheelbase to “slightly” more than 27 mm A6. When placed next to the BMW 5 Series standard, E-Class offers more overall length and 11mm shorter wheelbase 30mm.

Watching the car, modern features appeared clear with lighting design headlights completely different. Compared with previous generations, headlights now have a smaller size, feels neat and chic. Two state lighting strips notched hour day had been replaced with “eyelids” gentle tone momentum running lights clusters split into 2 sections before subtly. In addition, the police strip lights and grille will undertake the role of light always turns, accordingly, the lights will change color when the need to redirect.
Transistors LED is standard equipment on all of the positions of front and rear lights. However, E300 AMG 2017 were not designed with the multibeam system is a technology which is quite famous of the German carmaker. Instead, this system will be Mercedes-Benz Vietnam offered as an option for the W213 E-Class generation.
Putting gaze lower, carved to create a wide range impression, helping the top car that looks sporty and “fierce” than the standard version E200 lot. In addition, 2 wing spoiler complete with matte black makes the car much, “aerodynamic” than.
Located just a short cycle and set right in the heart of the car is the familiar logo 3 wing is attached to the 2 bar decorated with impressive size. Overall grille complete with matte silver color with shiny chrome luxury light. Key details have contributed to the overall improvement of the car, creating harmony between the powerful sportiness and elegance, aristocratic.

Vehicle body

Glancing along the vehicle body, a gentle, Mercedes-Benz created a well-polished tendon extends from the headlights soft, along the body, past the shiny chrome handles, to come up with tail lights neatly. From the edge of the glass, stretching down to the bottom edge of the door, the E-Class in 2017 inherited a round plump curves from S-Class seniors make up a deficiency seems rigid but flexible portion.

Most important point when viewed from horizontal bodywork is the wheels molded from aluminum alloy, dual 5-spoke design AMG features of the impressive size. Wheels are coupled with Goodyear Eagle F1 performance tires in size 245 / 40R19. Meanwhile, E200 version wheels rolling on 17-inch alloy design more courteous and gentlemanly.
No longer is a rectangular block the boring details, part of the E-Class taillight 2017 is shaping more soft and plump, bearing similarities with 2 cousins ​​S-Class and C-Class. The difference of the rear lights on the 2017 E-Class is a metallic strip lights, reflective vari-angle, reminiscent of the bars is not a sharpener gem. This unique feature is only in favor of the private interest on the new E-Class.
Low bottom, the duo sports exhaust layout is reasonable, metal tiles eye-catching chrome strip with 1 copper bonding materials, passing through the rear bumper. Synchronization details create a striking sporty but still ensure smooth balanced set.

Despite the name E300 AMG, but the tail is not attached 3 characters. Instead, the “substance” AMG is expressed through lines and equipment across the entire bodywork and interior and features.
Overview cabin
Step into the passenger compartment, AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 brings comfort to a space separated from the outside world. Good sound insulation, use of advanced materials, sleek overall design elegance equipped with advanced facilities are the most valuable points on the E-Class, especially the E300 AMG.
AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 on, front row seats to be another special design. Part manned positions at the waist, seat has a raised design out, pose embrace the back passengers, leaving the drivers will be very comfortable and sporty. In addition, finishing materials and seats are also careful scrutiny in order not to create any point other than on details.
The front seat of the E300 is equipped with the power steering function and the ability to memorize up to 3 types of settings, helping good support for the rider while saving time by sitting posture. In addition, the rear seat leg space is relatively good, but not really very much widely.

Backseat is large enough for three people to sit together, but ROR ANG will position among disadvantaged people slightly by wind cavity quickly a leg rest, cushions acres and a raised floor to the drivetrain “interrupted”. Roof space as well, creating a sense thaong clear and pleasant, good tilt seat back so that passengers not tired after the long journey.
Synchronization, seat E300 AMG is a pretty special details, beautiful, luxurious and sporty, especially the front seat.
table taplo
For E300 AMG, is a detailed table taplo interference between the modernity and elegance of luxury complete with pretty good quality. The upper section is covered with a skin of taplo with suture lines that carefully and accurately, and the integration with fake plastic part is also very harmonious and without losing the sophistication. 2 extends from the front door into the center of the array of tiles taplo table decorated with glossy surfaces. This information is processed with a special of the company so 3 cups pinstriped gray hidden along fancy. Currently, we have not determined that this is plastic or metal material. However, the improvement of other eye-catching details and feels similar to carbon fiber.
Close both doors, the Mercedes-Benz arranged two cooling outlet errors have bright silver metal rim, looks premium and beautiful. Two details are part of the cooling system range which also owns four wind stoma is placed neatly in the middle taplo table, only just below the large LCD monitor 31,2cm. This monitor is controlled entirely by the cluster nodes, drag the rotation and touch tables arranged immediately to the traditional position. This system works quite effective, easy to use and quick operation.


Premium leather-wrapped, three-spoke sports, touch joystick, trigger switch after Volant, chamfered lower part sporty and luxurious metal tiles are the most prominent features on the Volant’s luxury sedan present. Feeling when handling the Volant quite smooth and comfortable, especially 2 points “hump” at 10 am and 2pm brings solid and capable of driving stability.

Two key position sensor is used to control the display on the LCD screen, which is an upgrade from the basic analog Council on 2017 E200.

Clock display
With the change to multi-information LCD clock, with seamless design with center screen, E300 AMG delivers a better experience for the employer owns it. Thanks to technology day, location traditional speedometer is now capable of displaying map navigation, convenient design ho..kha contract. The control functions on the screen center will also be scaled and drive right on the screen, allowing the driver does not lose focus when the right side hit the eye looking through the middle taplo table.

Equipment comfort

Audiovisual systems
As a luxury car, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with the label carefully Burmester sound reputation system to bring high-end amenities and luxurious look to the new generation E-Class. The surface of the speaker is made of standing out on the doors with advanced aluminum, designed many small holes to be processed a sophisticated way. Premium 13-speaker system from Burmester sound recreates a clear and honest, energetic sound, just enough treble sound sweet and deep middle.

Air conditioning system
Mercedes-Benz equips “darling” of his multi-zone air conditioning system independently, with ability to work perfectly, accompanied by wind door design is very delicate and beautiful. 2 niches backseat efficient airflow and cooling capacity directly possible.
Cargo space
As a luxury car with ample space is a striking advantage, not too surprising that space no map of the E-Class are also spread throughout the body. Front and rear door are capable of satisfying any needs of everyday use, not the public. 2 compartments for glasses in between the front seats will support expensive to contain separatist forces coffee or drinks served during use.
Operating, driving feel and safety
The engine, gearbox and drivetrain
AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 is equipped with gasoline engines 4 cylinder aligned with the total capacity of 1,991 cc. This block supercharged engine produces 241 horsepower capacity at 5500 rev / min with maximum torque of 370Nm the engine speed range from 1300 to 4000 rev / min. Thanks to modern technology equipped, the motor on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a good ability to meet the Euro 6 emission standards, which are very strict. The entire energy generated will be transmitted to the rear wheels via 2 automatic transmission G-Tronic 9 grant fame.

According to the German automaker, E300 AMG fuel consumption of 6.3 liters over a distance of 6.6 to 100km combined urban and highway.

A special feature on the E300 AMG version that is 360 degrees camera system, which helps the driver with absolute visibility when driving the vehicle at any location. This body function easily activated in the control system are displayed on the LCD screen center.

Also, with a modern cars and luxury, the active safety functions will be fully equipped, including:

Anti-lock braking system ABS.
Anti-skid system ASR acceleration
Electronic stabilization system ESP
The system supports BA braking force.
Pre-Safe system by Mercedes-Benz is famous.
System 9 airbags are also integrated throughout the interior and layout: 2 airbags for front passengers, 1 airbag protected the driver feet, 4 airbags in the doors and two curtain airbags.

Overall Rating

Overall, AMG Mercedes-Benz E300 luxury sedan is a beautifully designed, and luxurious correction cycle. The degree of completeness of the fairly good E300 AMG, the details are carefully cared overall design while ensuring absolute harmony. Whether you are young people love the sport luxury or are middle-aged entrepreneur requires a species, often elegant amenities, indecent, the E-Class will meet those requirements.

Assessment 2016 Mercedes-Benz G500

Not as popular as the luxury sedan, but the G-Class was extremely popular by design characteristics and performance Off-road extreme “nature”. Like the Land Rover, this car has become a legend and appears regularly in the cult action film. Common versions G500 and G350 Mercedes-Benz 2016 upgraded powertrain and unique alternative to G550


Mercedes-Benz G-Class is manufactured at the request of the Shah of Iran in 1979. This is a sport SUV Sport / Ultility only Mercedes for 18 years, before the M-Class Crossover was introduced. In 2006, the GL-Class is directed to replace the G-Class. Thus, the G-Class can be seen as “ancestor” of the line Mercedes-Benz SUV today. In 2015, SUV and Crossover team’s “three-pointed star” quite spectacular with GLA, GLE, GLE Coupe, GL-Class and the upcoming GLS-Class facelift.

Through 36 years’ development, G-Class not only confirmed his name but was elevated to a new height. This car is equipped with advanced safety technologies most, Off-road capabilities and superior technology has reached advanced engine emission standards in North America and Europe. Even terrain SUV Land Rover Discovery famous enough yet to have two standards.


Overall, the G-Class can now design style square, slightly tough and for the military. This is a design feature of the terrain SUV’s “three-pointed star.” Step through the generations in 2016, G500 and G350 are two versions become more superficial AMG wheel arches wider, lower bumper, wind cavity integrated fog lights, shields chassis, spare wheel container and tiles black mirrors.
Exterior light upgrade
Besides, the car retains the open button on the handle. This is the design of the S-Class features the late ’70s and early’ 80s addition, Mercedes-Benz G-Class in 2016 also added five exterior colors “super well” are: Gold Solar Beam, Red Tomato Red, green Alien green, orange and purple Sunset Galactic Beam Beam.
Car is complemented new exterior colors

Furniture G-Class 2016 “bold bunkers” with exclusive instrument cluster and the dedicated leather seats. This car is designed to bring the comforts of the S-Class on the highway. But while the suspension and sound insulation works, designed driver’s seat is not yet satisfactory, especially when compared with other SUVs same price range.


The most prominent feature of this sporty SUV is the system of high-performance engines. Version G500 is equipped with twin-turbo V8 engine with a capacity of 4.0 liter 415 horsepower and maximum torque of 610Nm, up 33 hp and 80nm compared to the 5.5L V8 engine in the G550 older generation. Twin supercharged engine shared this powerful sports car from Mercedes-AMG GT is famous.
V8 twin-turbo engine 4.0L

Besides superior drivetrain, G500 was upgraded suspension, steering system, electronic balance system, traction control and ABS brakes to help improve comfort, increase processing capability, and higher safety. This sporty SUV is integrated suspension system Adaptive Damping Suspension adaptation has two operating modes Sport and Comfort fit both urban road and Off-road.


2016 Mercedes-Benz G500 is a pretty big vehicle with overall dimensions length x width x height 4765 x 2055 respectively x 1,953 mm, wheelbase 2.850mm and the mass of up to 2.596kg. However, thanks to the powerful engine, “battleship” completely not “sluggish” which became extremely agile. Vehicles capable of 0-96km / h in 5.7 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the older generation. V8 twin-turbo engine works quite quiet and smooth improves comfort and luxury.

These subtle upgrades have helped to control the vehicle, “the giant” is just like a small urban vehicle. The suspension has two modes delivers comfort on the highway as well as stability on the road Off-road. Precise steering system but the pace is still slow and heavy booster system manually.
2016 Mercedes-Benz G500 Off-road beyond
Off-road road is the “province” of Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Vehicles capable of great handling and stability in bends thanks to adaptive suspension system and modern support functions. At the same time, 2016 also confident G500 pass through the muddy, waterlogged using dedicated Off-road tires, four-wheel drive system torque distribution and differential lock reasonable three modes.

Rapid assessment 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4Matic

Mercedes-Benz CLS400 2015 BMW 640I Gran Coupe and the Audi A7 Sportback is a 4-door coupe trio attractive believer that any vehicle to which wishes to acquire. Each car possesses unique design features and its own strength. Currently, the three vehicles being served in Vietnam. Review below will give you a clearer picture of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4Matic in relation to fellow rivals. This car is being sold at the price of 4.249 billion.
Previously, the only line of 4-door coupe is powered by a V8 engine. But CLS400 2015 broke that tradition. Vehicles using dual turbocharged 3.0L V6 high performance BMW 640I Gran Coupe-like and Audi A7 Sportback. Smaller engines with fuel consumption levels and significantly reduced price. CLS400 4Matic addition, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam also introduced the CLS500 4Matic 4.7L V8 engine capacity of 402 hp with prices 4.799 billion.

This 4-door coupe Mercedes-Benz first introduced 10 years ago. CLS 400 4Matic Form 2015 in our country is the second generation, launched in 2011. The vehicle was a slight upgrade in design than before. Grille and front bumper look “flashy” than. Coupe-style roof, like the Bentley Continental GT.
The youthful exterior details
Overall, the style and design of the Mercedes-Benz CLS400 is quite similar line of E400. But car design more youthful and sporty with strong curve. In return, the trunk and the interior space of the CLS 400 smaller than the E400. Also, the car is equipped with four seats instead of five seats as E400.

Vehicles are equipped with many modern amenities such as multibeam LED headlamps, pneumatic suspension, electric sunroof, three-color interior lighting, Eco Start / Stop, automatic parking assist Parking Assist Active detection integration Parktronic find suitable space, heated and ventilated front seats. Entertainment system COMAND Online multimedia with 6-disc DVD player, 8.0-inch TFT screen, Bluetooth connectivity, Internet browsing, LINGUATRONIC voice control. In addition, the CLS400 4Matic is integrated satellite navigation, stereo Harman Kardon speakers surround 14 and multi-zone climate control Thermotronic.
Modern Furniture
In Europe, Mercedes-Benz CLS400 Standard 2015 is priced $ 66,915, lower than the BMW 640I Gran Coupe to $ 12,335 in 2015 standards and Audi A7 Sportback 3.0T cheaper $ 2,310. Meanwhile, in Vietnam Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4Matic priced 4.249 billion in 2015, the Audi A7 3.0T quattro is priced 3.3 billion, BMW Gran Coupe 640I front-drive is priced 3.898 billion.

Regarding design, BMW Gran Coupe 640I experts “scoring” the highest in three vehicles. However, this depends on each individual perspective and cultural differences.

2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4Matic is equipped with twin-turbo V6 engine with a capacity of 3.0-liter 329 horsepower and maximum torque of 480Nm. This model does not use automatic gearbox 9 level as the other versions, but instead is a 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus. This V6 engine not inferior V8 on the other versions. 4-door coupe weighs nearly 2 tons is capable of acceleration 0-100km / h in just 5.3 seconds and 13.7 seconds are within 400m at speeds 165km / h.

3.0-liter V6 329 horsepower

Meanwhile, rival BMW 640I Gran Coupe uses dual turbocharged 3.0L I6 with a capacity of 315 kW and maximum torque of 450Nm. Capacity weaker and heavier BMW 640I Gran Coupe makes acceleration 0-100km / h in 5.4 seconds. Of the three models, the Audi A7 3.0T 2016 is fast and most powerful models inherited by the new technology. Vehicles equipped with 3.0-liter V6 supercharged engine with a capacity of 333 horsepower, an increase of 13 horsepower over the previous generation. This 4-door coupe acceleration 0-100km / h in 5.2 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4Matic system is equipped with an air suspension with Comfort or Sport modes. Sport mode eliminates body roll phenomenon and brings driving pleasure. Steering wheel quick handling and stability in the corners. CLS400 4Matic completed within 8 within 25.5 seconds, 0.8 seconds faster than the BMW Gran Coupe 640I but slower than 0.4 seconds Audi A7 Sportback.

The level of average fuel consumption of the Mercedes-Benz CLS400 4Matic 2015 is from 7.6-7.7L / 100km. Meanwhile, the CLS500 4Matic-equipped V8 with average consumption 9.6L / 100km. BMW Gran Coupe 640I consume 7.7L / 100km. Audi A7 Sportback Quattro consumption of 7.6L / 100km.